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We are happy you are interested in applying to the 南达科塔州 School of Mines & 技术.  In any given year, 国际 students make up approximately 5% of the student population. We also have faculty members from all over the world. The 南达科他州矿山 community includes people of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints who collaborate together for advancement in science and engineering.

International 招生 本科

International 招生:

了解更多关于 requirements and resources for prospective undergraduates.
信息rmation for 本科s

International 招生 研究生

International 招生:

Resources and information for students who want to apply for graduate studies.
信息rmation for 研究生

南达科他州矿山 is an Exceptional Return on Investment

南达科塔州 Mines students get an outstanding return on their investment with high placement rates and average starting salaries.Â了解更多about Mines Education Value

Costs for International Students

了解更多关于 how affordable it is to study 在这里 on our Costs for International Students一个页面.

英语水平 Requirements

All 国际 applicants must provide evidence of their proficiency with the English language, unless English is the native language of their home country.

了解更多关于 English proficiency requirements 在这里.

The Ivanhoe 国际中心

The Ivanhoe 国际中心 (IIC) was established in 1994 and provides a broad program of services to 国际 students by the IIC, whether they are just beginning the admissions process or established students.  了解更多关于 the Ivanhoe 国际中心.

需要帮助?  We're Here for You

If you have questions about, or need assistance with, the admissions process for 国际 students, contact the Ivanhoe 国际中心 at (605) 394-6884 or email 我们是来帮忙的.


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Ivanhoe 国际中心
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Experience 南达科他州矿山

The virtual tour captures our unique campus using vibrant imagery, VR360旅游, and video and allows you to enjoy 360° panoramic views of our beautiful campus from the convenience of your own computer or mobile device. >> 探索现在